Friday, July 18, 2008

Non sequitor

I realize this doesn't flow with the usual content, but I must register a complaint. As a fairly tall girl who does on occasion try to look presentable, I object to the fact that any and every pair of attractive-looking, well-fitting trousers SHRINK after an average of three washes. Here I am in Berlin with one pair of jeans and one pair of nice trousers only to find that the trousers I brought with me now offer a five-inch view of my lower legs when I sit and a fully-realized WEDGE at any posture. Thank you very much, textile industry, for my current (and yet all too familiar) state of woe.


Karly said...

While I can't relate exactly to your plight...I feel your pain because I know how we struggle with those issues because James is so tall...sorry sweetie. Maybe we should come up with a new clothing line...if only I were artistically talented! :)

Anonymous said...

I would feel your pain, except for the fact that you have amazing long gorgeous legs that look absolutely fabulous in dresses and skirts, which are a lovely alternative to pants if you are not fat and ungainly like the rest of us mere mortals. Sorry darling, one of the high prices of beauty!!!!



the dipe squad said...

Thanks, Mom. Despite the sarcastic lining. ;)
I do love wearing dresses and skirts, but they just aren't practical travel wardrobe (require nicer shoes than are good for city walking...). Karly, I think we could start there. Comfortable, cute shoes to wear with skirts on the go. Yes!