Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cafe culture

When Ellie was a baby, we purchased the board book "Urban Babies Wear Black." It contains all sorts of fun urban baby moments (urban babies visit museums, urban babies appreciate architecture, etc.). We bought the book for a laugh, though much of it started applying to Ellie early on. Now after spending nearly two years in The Hague, we've pretty much solidified her urban baby traits. As we parked our bikes in Delft, we realized we were quite hungry. I asked Markus if he just wanted to grab a bite somewhere or if he'd rather sit in a cafe. Before he could respond, Ellie piped up with,
"Let's go to a cafe! I will have pancakes, some cake, and a cuppy-chino!"

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Anonymous said...

Oh how precious is THAT!!!

Ha ha Karly I said it first!!!