Sunday, July 27, 2008

Leonidas Tea Room and Lunchroom in Delft

Since our first week in The Netherlands, the Leonidas Tea Room and Lunchroom in Delft has been one of our favorite family eat-out spots, whether its for a hot cup of soup in the winter or just a coffee and Belgian waffle as a snack. The staff there are incredibly friendly, there is a toy bin, children are given colored pencils and drawing paper, AND there is a changing table in the bathroom. After all that, we almost don't have to care whether or not the food is good, but it is! So anytime we go to Delft, you can bet we'll end up there. This was true on Sunday. We had the idea of cycling to Delft and renting a paddle boat, but as you see in the "Ellie says" post below, we were too darn hungry when we arrived to think of much other than eating (that's what happens when the kids both decide 5am is a good time to get up for the day and you eat breakfast at 5:30). At least we could be sure Ellie would enjoy herself, no matter how long we sat around in their courtyard.

Stephanie enjoyed it too. She was particularly interested in Ellie's block tower. If only she could get one of those blocks into her mouth... Yellow ones must taste particularly nice.

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Anonymous said...

This picture made me smile, then laugh, and now, cry! How is it possible they are so beautiful, so precious, so love at first sight never leave me ever gorgeous and dear and precious and wonderful and you mean the world to me, and yet so far away? I LOVE LOVE LOVE Markus and Stephanie!