Friday, May 30, 2008


Markus's mom, Rita, and his sister, Ulla, are here visiting this week. Ellie has been enjoying showing Ulla everything around the house. For days, Ulla has been the person of choice for puzzles, books and bubbles.

Rita is enjoying more time with baby Stephanie, who at 3 months is really starting to interact more. She blows raspberries, does lovely baby talking ("ah-goo!"), and is a big smiler. Baby Stephanie is a very receptive audience to Oma's antics, and they get along great!

Rita and Ulla will be here for a week. The weather has warmed up nicely for their visit. If only the clouds would clear...but we are in The Netherlands after all. Maybe tomorrow will be better for a trip out and about, seeing something new. This week, we've just kept up the usual routine to help Ellie stay in good shape. She hasn't missed a day of school, which makes her a happy girl. We've had a lot of trying Mama's patience lately, vying for attention and experiencing baby envy. Sometimes it's all a bit too much for this mama and I feel like losing it, but I try to remember sometimes it's all a bit too much for Ellie too. I recently read a mommy blog post in which that mommy claimed, "I've really sucked lately. He's sucked too, but then again, he's 3 so he has an excuse." I hear her!

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