Thursday, May 08, 2008

Virginia Beach and Williamsburg

On Tuesday, we drove down to Virginia Beach to visit Great Grandma Marion, Jennifer's grandma. Great Grandma Marion has a HUGE backyard, and Ellie had a blast exploring every inch of it. We had a picnic lunch in the lovely spring weather and enjoyed fabulous conversation with the family matriarch. We were very happy to introduce baby Stephanie to her great grandma, and Ellie enjoyed spending time with her for the first time since she was around 9 months old.

On the way back to Mimi's, we stopped over for a few hours in Williamsburg so Jennifer could stroll her alma mater and Markus could see a bit of Colonial Williamsburg as we wandered the Duke of Gloucester Street (AKA "DOG street, CW's main drag). Markus hadn't seen much of the campus at William and Mary before, so we strolled through the Wren Building and circled the Sunken Gardens, crossing the Crim Dell Bridge as a family. Ellie had a fantastic time running around in the grass and mulch. When Markus asked if she would like to study there, she took a good look around, smiled and said, "Yeah." That's my girl!

already behaving like a college kid...that's my wallet she's digging in!

The meandering along DOG Street didn't impress Ellie much. After having been to Dubai, Paris, Pisa, and Amsterdam, I guess there wasn't much to see...excepting all the rocks. Ellie liked the rocks. And the trees. And she was very aware of all the horse poo-poo in the street. Colonial Williamsburg is an excellent place for the Toddler Walk of Discovery. (see her below, digging in the rocks beneath the tree)


meghan said...

I heard the Geology program is pretty darn good at W&M!


the dipe squad said...

Honey, EVERY program is pretty darn good at W&M. Am I right?