Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back in The Hague

After a whirlwind happy visit to friends and family in Virginia, we are back in The Hague and are relearning the dynamics of existing on toddler jetlag. We shouldn't complain too much, though. Both girls are EXCELLENT travelers, and that is a huge gift! Ellie surprised me with being able to return to school today. She was wide awake and raring to go, despite about 5 hours of sleep last night (though she did pass out cold the moment we returned home).

Our trip was rather busy and full, but we are so happy we went. The only downside was camera-failure the last night, which was the night of a big family get-together. Alas. Jennifer's brother, sister, grandfather and his wife Barbara joined us for Mothers Day dinner at my mom's house. Great photo op that rarely occurs...and camera crapped out on me. Argh argh argh. Barbara had a disposable camera with a few shots left on it, so let's hope those come out! If so, I promise to share.

Another important event of this trip was a bridal shower I threw for my darling friend Meghan, who is getting married in October to her dream man we lovingly call Rocket Boy. Meghan is a dear girlfriend from college, and I wouldn't let just any ol' guy marry her...but Rocket Boy has everyone's blessing. We are sure they will be very happy together and wish them the best life has to offer! Unfortunately, the grey-haired old men in The Hague sent up the white smoke in a way that prevents us from attending the wedding. Perth is just too darn far away, so I maximized the trip this time and threw Meghan a lingerie shower at the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant. The food was delicious, the setting was elegant, and the bride was...well, the bride was crazy, but then again she always is and that's why I love her.

Check out the humongous red satin "novelty panties". I didn't give them to her, but I sure am glad somebody did. We had way too much fun with those.

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azure said...

Oh Jennifer, what a time for your camera to crap out! I hope you had a wonderful trip to the states and I'm glad that you got to see so much of your family (although your "other" family here in mississippi would have loved to see you). Maybe we can catch up for when you come back for muses. Who knows by that time maybe I'll have a brand new piece of jewelry to show you, but we'll see.

I do hope the other pictures turn out well. Take care.