Thursday, May 08, 2008

This one is for Meghan

Meghan, you were worried we would be unhappy about you giving Ellie so many stickers because you were afraid she'd be sticking them all over the furniture. Silly girl. There is a much better place for stickers!


meghan said...

Yahoo! A post for me! I'm so pleased to see Ellie's creative mind in action, especially with an Aunty Meghan pressie :-)

I had such a wonderful time chatting at dinner last night - thank you sooooo much for meeting with me. It's amazing how wonderful it is to spend time with a good friend you can't see often enough. I recommended Eric look for aerospace work in Australia last night when I got home :-)

MUCHO LOVE in the hugs and kisses format!!!

the dipe squad said...

You should see all the ladybug stickers on Markus's jeans!

I'm thinking Australia should have an excellent opportunity for Eric...and if not, we should create one. :)