Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ellie says

Our daughter is a petite gourmet. A supremely selective eater, she has been known to enjoy lobster bisque, fresh pasta with pesto, and Belgian chocolate. She drinks sparkling water from a wine glass. She knows what she likes.
Last Friday, after careful sampling, Ellie thoughtfully pronounced,
"Boogies are yummy!"


Meghan said...

She's selective and not ashamed to admit she has unusual taste!


I was always happy my taste matured over time - we'll see what she says in a few years ;)

I've got my fingers crossed that the sleep recovery efforts have been moving a bit faster than you've planned for!

Lots of DC love flying across the pond right now!

Lee said...

That is AWESOME. Go Ellie! :) I'm still laughing... :)