Saturday, February 02, 2008

Better days

After the typical feet-dragging on the part of our real estate agents, we did get a repairman to fix the heat yesterday afternoon! Hooray! I hopped in the shower within 15 minutes of his departure...what a treat! A hot shower feels like a bigger reward than usual when you have to wait for it like that. Plus, the house was starting to get quite cold. Ellie and I were both bundled up quite a bit for the indoors, so I was relieved she held out for her nap until the heat came back on. Apparently, the high winds came down the chimney and blew out the pilot light in the basement. It's not something that can be re-lit by a civilian, so I'm glad the repairman came when he did (and the wind didn't blow it out on the weekend, when no one would come).

As for the other part of the rough week, we seemed to get our girl back today. We had been caught in a bad cycle related to her cold from last week. She couldn't breathe well because she was stuffy, so she didn't sleep well, so she was cranky when she was awake, so she'd eventually cry and tantrum causing more stuffiness... The lack of good sleep had her waking up every day at 5:30 or so, and then she'd get overtired and wouldn't nap well... It was a mess, but it seems to be passing. She was a happy critter all morning, even when we had a sitter come for a few hours so Markus and I could attend a refresher infant & child first aid/CPR course.

Sleeping in the big girl bed continues to be a happy novelty. At night-time, she tends to stay put, but naptime is a different story. The ability to get up and play when she is meant to be sleeping is too much to resist, and she almost always plays quietly in her room for at least 30 minutes after I put her down. The beauty of it is she is super-quiet to avoid detection and feels she's getting away with something, while I'm just happy she's happy and quiet and I have downtime. Today, we had to take the diaper changing table out of her room. Two days ago, I entered her room after her nap to a terrific stench. She was already up on the changing table on her back ready for a change, announcing "Ellie made poo-poo!" Yesterday, I peeked in during her naptime, and she had climbed up and fallen asleep there. Not the safest perch (horrors if she had rolled over and fallen off!), so out went the table. We needed to move it for Baby 2 anyway.

On the Baby 2 front, we are now half-way through week 36. Getting close! We are now in the last month, so who knows when blast-off will be. Keep tuning in for the latest.

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azure said...

Okay that's it, I'm officially declaring 2008 the year of the 2nd Baby. It seems like just about everyone I know is having another child, including an almost family member of mine. (How do I refer to my sister-in-law's sister?) Now most people would say don't drink the water, but I'm not worried because apparently the water doesn't affect me as I've missed the getting married water, the first baby water and the second baby water. Oh well.

I'm so excited for you though. Glad to hear that the heat is back on and that Ellie Bean is getting back to herself. More importantly, I'm very hopeful that things will be more smoothly with BK#2 because you're not having to travel back and forth to deal with the house.

Ah, yes the joys of nasty diapers... my brother and sister have started a new phase with that because GW just started eating solid foods. Although MW is doing pretty good with her potty training, so maybe if they are lucky, she'll be out of the diapers sooner rather than later. For some reason, they said they have to have her potty trained by age two, but that's an entirely different conversation which involves that sad state that is public education here in America.
Maybe if I get the time, I'll write about it and send you and Gail an email.

ANYWAY, I'm anxiously looking forward to updates about Baby #2. Yea!