Thursday, February 21, 2008


If you think you're going crazy wondering if I've had the baby or not and, if not, when it will come, realize you aren't the one with a wiggly bowling ball in your pelvis and you might imagine how crazy it has been making me.
Markus and out-of-favor midwife both think this baby will follow the same schedule Ellie did and will arrive on-time (next Wednesday, the 27th) or maybe a day or two earlier. The moms who are convinced I'm having a boy are also convinced I will be late. One person has just registered a vote for two days late based purely on the cool factor of a Leap Year birthdate. I feel much more centered on the subject after a casual reminder from my mom to savor these remaining days of Ellie being an only child (a really good point! Thanks, Mom!). At any rate, feel safe in assuming that no posts means no news. Even with a newborn freshly hatched, I probably won't be able to resist sneaking to the computer to blog about him or her...and of course, show off pictures of his/her tiny, scrunchy, red little self.


azure said...

Well shoot, like everyone I really wanted to win, but let me point out that I did say that BK2 was faking everyone out by moving down early. Well whatever happens, I hope you have a much happier experience this go around. :)

Did I miss some guesses? Who has Feb. 29? For those whose guesses have bitten the dust, can we guess again as long as the days are available?

But on another front, how's Ellie bean liking her "school"?

Meghan said...

My next best formal guess is still a boy and I'll choose Saturday March 4th! Sorry about the wiggly bowling ball - I just have a feeling. I agree with Mimi too, ya gotta appreciate the one-on-one time with Ellie a wee bit longer.

Meghan said...

Just kidding, I don't know how I meant to type 1st and got 4th instead - Guess = March 1


Karly said...

I totally agree that this baby did a fake out by moving down early!

And, I'm also thinking along the same line as Azure...are we allowed to pick another date? Just wondering... :)