Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rough week

Ever since Ellie brought home school germs, she's been a bit of a tantrumy monster, at least compared with her usual self. It's been exhausting in a "please-remind-me-that-this-was-easy-when-she's-a-teenager" kind of way. Some days, like today, our four story house acts as her co-conspirator in all attempts to unravel the thin shreds of sanity I have left. Since each floor has only two rooms, traversing floors to accomplish much of anything is required...and NOT traversing them as required (or stopping mid-way between or reversing direction) has become Ellie's forte. Tonight after Ellie went to bed, I can only suppose the house felt the need to make up for the lost mischief during this potential downtime by killing the furnace. No hot water. No heat. The wind outside is gusting to 45 mph and the wind chill is below zero. The earliest we can call for a repairman will be tomorrow morning after 9am. Excellent.


Karly said...

I hope you guys stay snuggled up and warm until the heat can be repaired...and sorry about the rough week. Just think, when Ellie is a little older, you will miss this age...keep repeating that to yourself on days when it gets rough. Sending lots of positive mommy vibes and lots of stay warm vibes your way!

azure said...

You're label says "Woe to me." But I say, "Laissez Les Bontemps Rouler." especially since your beloved Muses are rolling this evening. And hey if you have to miss a year to say, have a baby, this is one to miss because this Mardi Gras season has basically been cold and rainy because it was so short this go around.

I think you should spread some Mardi Gras love over in the Netherlands. ;-) Download the second line, and some professor longhair on the Ipod and have a good time... and again I say,
Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler... That will definitely warm you up!

Take care.

the dipe squad said...

Nice idea, Azure, and I appreciate the thought...but I would rather be riding Muses regardless! My float was front page of the Times Picayune for the second year in a row, the Village People played our party, and the ladies on my float hired a choreographer to surprise the rest of the krewe with some fabulous disco moves. Some participants in our parade this year just bought wetsuits to wear beneath their costumes, because they don't care how bad the weather gets. That's way more fun than lone Mardi Gras in Holland! But I do have my Muses flag out. :)

azure said...

Well I'm right there with you in terms of celebrating Mardi Gras... I want to go to some of the parades and things, but the timing just hasn't been in my favor this year, and I work for a place that is working on Mardi Gras so... Even though today, I'm going to the Pascagoula Mardi Gras parade inadvertently because I'm getting my hair cut, and the shop just happens to be right on the parade route. This should be interesting... I'm going to take the camera just in case I can't get there and end up having to watch the parade.

You can always look at this way, February 24, 2009 will be here before you even know it at which time you and the Muses Krewe will be back up to your ususal shanigans. :)

And hey if you get lucky maybe you'll have a Mardi Gras baby, how cool will that be?

Take care,
Signed Missiing Mardi Gras too, and I live here!