Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gift from the Stork

Our family grew by two feet overnight! A beautiful baby girl arrived at 1:10am on her due date. The home birth went perfectly, and she was delivered in the comfort of our living room. Ellie slept through the whole thing, despite some extremely loud and seriously sub-human noises Jennifer made during the pushing phase. The home birth experience was incredible, and we cannot recommend it more highly to anyone having a normal, natural birth. We felt as comfortable as possible, and the experience was so intimate. The focus was really on us, rather than the procedure as in a hospital. The midwife was there to help us have our baby, and afterward baby was given to Mama while recovery started at a natural pace. Baby was allowed to discover the breast on her own, enabling a perfect latch based on pure instinct. The entire experience was truly beautiful! Ellie could not be more proud of her baby sister, and she has been as sweet as can be to her today. She holds her so gently, gives her kisses and hugs, spent a good while discovering all her tiny features, and proudly pronounced her to be "ganz [very] small!"

You've probably noticed our new one's missing name, but it will be revealed shortly. Patience is required when a very Libra mama is involved.


Karly said...

What a beautiful picture of two beautiful girls! It is wonderful that the homebirth experience went well and was what you wanted it to be. We are so very, very happy for you all. Congratulations!!!

azure said...

Oh my gosh... Look at that hair! She is so beautiful. Welcome the world Baby Girl Klingbeil.

I'm so curious about this home birth delivery. Especially because I recently heard where more women in the U.S. are opting for DIY births as they weren't happy with their hospital birthing experiences. (I'm sure you can relate.)

I'm so happy for ya'll. Extremely happy as a matter of fact.

So now does mean I win the contest?

Meghan said...

Yippee Yippee YEAH YEAH!!!!

I've had a non-stop day at work but I had you on my mind the whole time. I'm so pleased your home birth went well. I'm pretty certain with the diabetes I'd never get to do that - hmmph.

What a courteous little akachan, arriving on the announced day like she did!

MUCHO Love and Kisses from Eric and I!!!!!!!!

Gail said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I love the picture of your two clever, smart, and beautiful little girls.

Also ... I must say that you are the only woman I can possibly imagine who would blog THE DAY THEY GAVE BIRTH. I bow down before you, Madame Superwoman.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh what an amazing and sweet and touching picture of your two girls! Thank you for sharing so quickly, I was dying to see her. Ellie looks like this is a special treat just for her...I am sure she will be a great big sister. I loved seeing the hands of Markus in the background, gently guiding and supporting Ellie, as he does for ALL of us that love him. Beautiful family, beautiful picture, beautiful time for all of you. And yes, I bow with others at the feet of Superwoman!
We are not worthy! We are not worthy!

azure said...

Can I add to those who have mused about your Superwoman power to say, I'm equally impressed that you posted right before you had the baby. Who posts while they are in labor? How does that work?

While I'm here, let me offer some special congratulations to Ellie. Congrats Ellie, You're a BIG sister now! I hope you have tons of fun showing the new baby how to do things such as crawl and walk when the time comes.

Finally Markus, congratulations on being in a house full of fantastic women. :)

Anonymous said...

WHERE are the wooden baby booties?!

Markus, I hope you're ready to buy the house and keep it forever, since the living room now has sentimental value galore! Or you could just have it bronzed!

"Aunt Becky" is ready to puree that chicken salad sandwich from Martha's Tea Room as soon as the newest Klingbeil comes to town.

I will leave the sub-human noises to you, Superwoman. The O.R. has been my faithful friend.... and team anesthesiology!

All Our Love,
Becky, Amelia & Martin

Lee said...

Two beautiful girls! And what a smile on Ellie's face! I'm glad the home birth went so well and was such a positive experience for you all. Congratulations!

Kelly said...

Congrtulations!! i'm so happy for you guys, what a beautiful family!! And thats amazing you did a home birth...