Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lost concept

This morning, I needed to pour excessive amounts of Euro into the gas tank of our car, so I drove out of my way to reach the only local gas station that offers "pay at the pump." For some reason, pay at the pump hasn't caught on here, but it is the best thing for parents. On a cold rainy day (or any day, really), I really don't want to take Ellie out of the car seat just to go inside to pay and rush back out, and there's no way I'm leaving her in the car while I go in alone. Pay at the pump is my friend, so to the one specific gas station I go. Out of their 10 pumps, only 2 have readers...and only one of those was working today. Wouldn't you know that the guy in front of me looks at 6 open pumps, drives up to the only pay at the pump...and then PARKS AND GOES INSIDE. Come ON, people!

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Gail said...

I don't get it .... ;-p