Saturday, January 26, 2008

It was to be expected

Now that Ellie has happily settled into her new playgroup, she brought home new friends on Friday: germs. Like it or not, little kids are little disease mongers, and she's brought home a cold that someone thoughtfully shared at school this week. She was quite teary during the car ride home Friday, which gave me my suspicions. 24 hours later, she looks miserable and can't breathe through her nose. Of course, she wants the pacifier for comfort, which really makes breathing a challenge. This leads her to "snarking" (my word, because that's the noise she makes when she tries to suck up air through her nose and gets snot instead). I've said "poor little girl" so many times today that it has become her pity mantra (usually every time she snarks). Darn it if we don't think she's crazy adorable despite her germy state.

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Karly said...

Poor little Ellie...we are all sending get well soon vibes in your direction...I'm sure she is still very adorable in spite of a nasty cold! And yay for her for sleeping in a big girl bed (noticed it in the sidebar)!! :)