Sunday, January 06, 2008

blitzpampers family weekend

This morning, we took advantage of the beautiful sunshine to explore Kaag on foot. Kaag is a water-centered community close to Amsterdam that Markus discovered recently. It's a hot spot for sailing in the summers, and he's been wanting us to take a look around. The area is truly beautiful and very peaceful this time of year. A small car ferry took us across to a residential area, and Jennifer liked it so much she wrote down the phone number for a house for sale (as if we could afford a weekend house in a community where all the cars were BMWs, Volvos and Porsches).

After Ellie's nap (and a bit of convincing), we all went to the playground to burn some energy before sundown (which we are now happy to report occurs around 5:30 instead of 5). Ellie was quite reluctant on the outset and could only be convinced to go once her hairstyle was updated. A girl has to accessorize.

And when planning her look, a girl really needs to consider her shoes. Markus purchased these cowgirl boots for Jennifer on our weekend trip to Austin during our post-Katrina Houston residence. There is a famous boot shop there, and I wanted to try some on for a laugh. Two years later, I had to get the boots resoled because I actually wore holes right through from such frequent use! These boots are sooooo comfortable...and fabulous too! Ellie was helping to condition the leather this evening when she remarked that the boots are "not too big" and proceded to try them on. These boots are made for walkin', after all.

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Karly said...

Love the hair and boots! Ellie is a stylin girl :) Sounds like a nice visit. As per your are right about cooking so many awesome things! All of you blog readers should definitely check the food blog! :)