Saturday, April 30, 2011

We're back!

We have returned safely from our journey to Middle Earth! What a great trip! Even more fabulous, what amazing little travelers we have! I don't know how many families with children under 6 can shrug off a(n almost) seven hour flight each way, three internal short flights and five different locations in two weeks, but I'm guessing not many. These girls are wonderful! We are so impressed and amazed and blessed (though of course we also already knew and felt that, even before we went).

I am thrilled we made it to New Zealand. If we had left this part of the world without it, I would have felt the loss. We were so close to not going. The day we intended to book our trip was the day the world learned of the Christchurch earthquake. Eventually, logic forced me to concede that New Zealand was never going to stop being on a fault, so if I wanted to go, I had to just risk it and go. Apparently, there was a little earthquake our first night in Wellington, but we were all so exhausted from the travel that we didn't notice. Thankfully, there weren't any more to report. There was, unfortunately, quite a bit of rain...

Not that it dampened our spirits much.

At the moment, we're all a bit jetlagged. While the girls are truly amazing travelers, they aren't big on sleeping in transit. There is a 4-hour time difference between Perth and New Zealand plus that 7(ish)-hour flight, leaving us all a bit fried today. I will work up some posts on the different places we visited (Wellington, Nelson, Auckland, and the Bay of Islands) to share over the coming week.

We hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend and, for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, the start of spring!


quinn said...

can't wait to hear more about the trip.

Mimi said...

How wonderful to hear from you and see you all again! I have missed you SO MUCH!!! Thank you thank you for your wonderful post, can't wait for the next chapter! By the way, awesome girls only come from awesome parents!