Thursday, April 14, 2011

Growing up!

Try as I might to deny it, our Ellie is growing up. The fact that this is completely unauthorized does not seem to deter her (nor should it). Sigh (sniffle).

Tonight, she will have her first-ever sleep away from us. There is a sleep-over at school for the kids who are transitioning up to Middle Primary (the next age group, 6-9 year olds) next term. This morning, we packed according to the list the school provided. I made her a little zippered pouch to keep her toothbrush and toothpaste in, and she's very proud of her packing organization. Ellie is very excited, and we've done all we can to talk it up and express great enthusiasm...but on the inside, EEK! My little (big) girl, away from us for the night. I miss her already, and right now is just normal school time that she's always away...except I know I won't pick her up today. I won't see her again until tomorrow at noon! EEK EEK EEK.

My biggest consolation is that the school does this for everyone every year, and many kids experience this sleep-over as the first night away from parents. Those in charge know how to handle this, so I must have faith. I'm sure Ellie will be fine. She'll probably have a blast! It's me who will have trouble sleeping, wondering...until she's back with me again tomorrow.

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Mimi said...

Just look at that beautiful and grown up big girl!!