Sunday, April 10, 2011

Now with Crimplene!

Yesterday afternoon, I scooted over to Freo for a little me-time. Just an hour and a half, scooting around, poking around in some shops...and I came home with this:

It's a mint condition '60s turquoise dress with three flamingos appliqued on the left front. It still had the original tags on it, for sale at Boans for $57.50 in who knows what year. I have no idea why the air hostesses for Flamingo Airlines didn't snap this baby up!
Made with the miracle fashion fabric Crimplene!

I know you are jealous.


Mimi said...

Dang it! I always wanted a turquoise flamingo dress made with Crimplene!!! Just answer me this....what on earth is crimplene? You are tooooo funny!

azure said...