Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paging Dr. Stephanie

Our sweet Stephanie has the gentlest little hands you can imagine. She is very tender, and her empathy and concern for others is astounding. This week, Markus has been sick with a cold. Although it is thankfully nothing more than a cold, it's been a bad one and has knocked him for a loop. The girls, however, have been thrilled. Instead of our normal weekday routine that has us all rush from 6am to snap up whatever time we can with him before he's off to work super-early, he's been in bed, ready to be snuggled and climbed upon and to read stories before anyone is out of pjs. Stephanie especially has been enjoying his time as an invalid.

On the morning he announced he was too sick to go to work, she immediately offered to give him a check-up, did so quite thoroughly, gave him (pretend) medicine and decided he needed more rest. She checked in on him throughout the day, very quietly and with her tender concern so that he was so touched I'm sure the extra warmth radiating from all that love made the cold go away faster.

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Mimi said...

How precious! I think I recognize the Doctors kit from the puppy pet I sent over to Ellie for Christmas? I am happy that the Doctor is "in" and able to tend to the patient. Markus does look drained, poor man, you guys NEED New Zealand pronto!