Monday, December 06, 2010

Oma is here!

Oma arrived today for a 3 month stay. I have to say, the initial introduction could not have gone better! Stephanie is quite shy around strangers, so we weren't sure how it would go. She hasn't seen Oma since she was 6 months old, and Oma doesn't have internet for skype. That effectively makes Oma a stranger, but that's not how it played out at all! Thank goodness Mary and Mimi already visited us this year! Their visits prepped the girls for Oma, and the girls were ready to welcome her with open arms and minds. We all enjoyed a fun, happy dinnertime together before Oma headed to bed. Stephanie is wired and still up, but that's pretty typical these days (alas). Everyone is happy. Hooray!

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Mimi said...

Well, I am glad to know you are off to such a good start with Oma! I hope the visit will all go this well. If not, please send the girls and/or you to me. I like to think of myself as the favorite Mimi! Don't want Oma to top me! Petty, childish, selfish. But oh so true.