Friday, December 31, 2010

Must have chocolate cake!

Yesterday, I tried to explain to Ellie the concept of New Year's Eve. It's pretty abstract for a child to understand, but she definitely latched onto the idea of celebrating! Ever since we attended a friend's birthday party where there were sparklers on the cake, she has not stopped asking for some sparkler action of her own! We agreed that New Year's would be a great opportunity to enjoy a cake with sparklers. She immediately elaborated that it must be a double layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting decorated with Smarties and butterfly sprinkles. She woke me up at 5:15 this morning, insisting that it was time to make cake! Yow. It was all I could do to hold her off until this afternoon, when we finally got the cake started. She had a blast!

We had to wait ages for it to fully cool so we could decorate it. I tried to time it so it wouldn't be ready until after dinner, though this pushed the girls' patience to the limit. Ellie took responsibility for the Smarties (those are like M&Ms), and Stephanie was designated sprinkle patrol to finish the cake beautifully.

Of course, once the sparklers were lit, the girls had misgivings...

There were absolutely no misgivings about the chance to eat a HUGE piece of chocolate cake for dessert.


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Mimi said...

OMG this is one of my favorite posts EVER! Such wonderful commentary to accompany those fabulous pictures, which tell a thousand words all by themselves! The one of the girls reaction to the sparklers is hilarious. You could make your own commercial:

Chocolate cake mix and other ingredients $5.00
Sparklers and candy to top cake $10.00
Reaction to seeing cake lit and eating it PRICELESS

Please please please never stop this blog. I absolutely adore it and cherish it. And you. And the girls. And Markus. Seriously.