Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So, what's with the red?

While we were in Melbun recently, I seemed to see red hair everywhere. I think it's like when a woman is wanting to be pregnant, and all she sees is bellies and babies. Clearly, I must have been ready for a change. I'm not particularly good with change. I haven't changed my hair cut or style (or lack thereof) in years. But then I saw all that red, and I wanted it. When we got home, I called my hard-to-book hairdresser, and she had an appointment open the first thing the very next day. It was meant to be!
Or not.
Despite lots of encouragement and positive feedback (it really is a pretty color), I haven't liked it since day 3. I still don't recognize myself in photos. Although I haven't been blonde without help since high school, I still think of my hair as blond. All this dark is, well, not me. I must be convinced of this since Markus even offered to indulge a wardrobe change to facilitate my staying dark, but I just don't want to keep it. It's not a permanent color (mostly henna, which gradually fades), so I'm supposed to wait it out a few more weeks before I change again. I think it will go strawberry blond next. That was more the color I was after with my switch anyway (my hairdresser convinced me to go auburn). I can satisfy my curiosity and shift back to blond more easily from there.

Anyway, sorry for the (shallow) posting about my hair, but that pic from Amberley in the last post raised some questions. You'll get an update the first weekend in June after I see a new hairdresser.


Karly said...

I still love the new hair, but I TOTALLY understand what it's like when you're not comfortable with it/don't like it. When it's all said and done, you have to like it. Good luck with the switch back to blonde/strawberry blonde...I hope it's painless and that you are happy with the results! Can't wait to see it!

Christine Johnson said...

you look great either colour - nice to have a change sometimes :)