Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing all you mothers (and those of you with mothers!) a Happy Mother's Day!

We are freshly returned from a long weekend down in Dunsborough and Margaret River. We wanted Grandmary to see the local wine region, and we hope she wasn't disappointed!

Something tells me she wasn't.

On past trips when we headed down south, we stayed at Clearwater Escape rentals in Dunsborough. This time, we opted for a farm stay, thinking that would appeal greatly to the girls, as well as giving them space to run in the afternoons after the atypical amount of time spent in the car each day. From the girls' perspective, we couldn't have done better. They were over the moon! Thrilled! Excited! Happy! The adults were less enthused with our accommodation. The house was perfectly fine for something not expensive (discounting, of course, the strong smell emanating from the kitchen), and since it sleeps up to 12, it wouldn't be expensive if that many people split it. As Markus put it, if we were a dozen college kids sharing for a weekend, we couldn't have done much better. As it was, Grandmary kept saying she felt like she was at camp (I did too, and I've never been to camp), not that she was complaining...she'd stayed in worse places before. Oh my, how embarrassing. Well, as I said, the girls were thrilled. We adults focused on the main redeeming feature, which was the fireplace I used to keep us toasty in the evenings. We saw this:

For the girls, it looked more like this:

We all enjoyed and appreciated this:

As always, it is just nice to get away for a while. We were all ready to come home on Sunday morning after three nights there, but we all are looking back at what was a great weekend in our hearts.

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Beth said...

Hope Grandmary behaved herself at "camp". She didn't when she was younger!