Friday, May 28, 2010


This morning, I had a rental inspection and hosted a morning tea for the new parents in Ellie's class. I wasn't fussed about both on the same day. Since the house has to be super-clean for both, might as well knock it out together! Except the agent arrived to inspect just as I returned from dropping off Ellie at school (she usually comes around noon). It's been rainy here lately and I've been avoiding the Mushroom Room (still leaks, despite all stop-gaps the owners have done). We went in there, and the place is SOAKED. It's coming from the ceiling now, which means all the storage we'd put up on the bench in there to keep it safe was WET. Thank goodness most of it was in bins, but two bins were open, so those are trash now. This sent my stress level higher than I'd like just as people started coming through the front door. While ladies lingered and chatted, a workman came and took the carpet out the back door (no one even saw!). I am too worn out with all this to even get mad. I just feel so deflated, so defeated, so FRUSTRATED that we have to deal with this kind of thing for $1250 per week in rent! I don't want to move out of this house (still the most beautiful house I've lived in and a fabulous yard for the girls with fantastic friends across the road), but I do want to move out of these issues and there's nothing appropriate available right now. Most family homes become available in the summer (moving while kids are out of school), and we've just started winter. Winter means rain. Rain means more flood, damp...not to mention the power cuts we experience when it's cold (a whole different story).
I need a warm hug (and possibly a stiff drink).
But enough whining.
My last guest didn't leave until noon (from a 9am start), so, although I didn't get to enjoy it much myself, the morning tea seems to have been a great success! I have a sink full of dishes to prove it, and lots of leftover goodies to share if anyone would like to stop by and admire my new indoor pool in person.
I just might make you wash dishes afterwards.


Karly said...

Sending a warm hug from Mississippi...I'd have cleaned it all up for you if I had been there...

Christine Johnson said...

warm texas hug on it's way - i know it's a bit late, but I'll throw in some Drambuie too :)