Thursday, May 27, 2010

Non-Napping Powerhouse of Crazy

This post's title was Stephanie's new nickname, or at least her nickname yesterday when she was indeed the Non-Napping Powerhouse of Crazy. Anyone familiar with small children will tell you that they are little barometers. The weather was changing towards rain, her routine has been disrupted significantly, and yesterday she let the crazy fly and land where it may. Oy. Thank goodness she's quite easily entertained! In the morning, we spent 30 minutes sitting in the car in our driveway "driving".

I spent all of her nap mutiny time outside raking the front yard. It took over an hour, but the results were beautiful. I was so proud...until the wind kicked up. Alas. Later, once the rain had started, we geared up and went outside to kick around the leaves I'd raked earlier in the day. It was about half an hour before sunset and raining, so the pictures are a bit dark and blurry. You can see still the thrill.

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Christine Johnson said...

I can identify with that... Matty has stopped napping - it's nice in some ways as now we do more afternoon activities together - but if we have to drive to get to them he has a "power nap" in the car!