Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Wanna show you somethin'!"

**TMI ALERT for the first sentence**
This afternoon, I actually used the toilet alone. I should have known. Stephanie came running into the bathroom, full of excitement, announcing, "Wanna show you somethin'!" She was bursting! I followed and found this:

She was so proud.

Fortunately, she had used a regular pencil. I dug out the big eraser and started clean-up, only to feel her drawing on my back with a large piece of outdoor chalk. Hmm. Time for Plan B!
Ellie and I taped up a long stretch of brown paper on the wall outside, and then we all worked on a mural. The girls had a brilliant time with it, and it kept their attention for at least half an hour (very impressive at that point in the afternoon).

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Aussie Mum said...

Your such a cleaver Mama - junior would love this.