Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New diver

Yesterday, Markus bought a set of pool rings for Ellie. She swims (now I should say "swam") with floaties, but he noticed how often she tries to duck her head under and hold her breath...and the girl in the Connie books (German series) that Ellie really enjoys has to dive for rings to get her swim certification. He thought Ellie might make the connection and give it a go. We had no idea she would take to it so quickly and with such enthusiasm! Floaties are out; diving rings are in!

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Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely PRECIOUS video! My favorite part is when little Stephanie pipes in, "That's great!" How awesome is it that you have 2 sisters who love and support each other so much? You are both doing an amazing job of parenting! AND, great job with Ellie and the swimming! Methinks she is a little Olympic swimmer in the making!