Thursday, January 08, 2009

Morning portrait session

Just to prove the point I was making in the insomnia post (about needing to sleep, not needing to clean), we were awakened this morning by a persistent voice chanting "Mama!" repeatedly like a little baby birdie, only this voice was coming via the baby monitor and it did not belong to baby Stephanie. Ellie had bypassed us completely (her room is across the hall from ours), trekked to Stephanie's room, climbed into the crib with her (sleeping) sister, and woke everyone up. Hooray! This has been a recurring theme of late. Poor baby Stephanie. She gets this "what did I do to you?" expression on her tired little face, but she's up until naptime strikes a couple of hours later. Dragging as we all were (well, all of us except Ellie, who was energized enough for 10 people), Markus suggested we head to the beach for a portrait session and then go out to breakfast at a cafe we like there. Great idea!

I have been wanting to take pictures of the girls wearing gorgeous Christmas dresses. I missed it pre-Christmas because the summertime just didn't make me feel the season. Still, I like to send a picture with our thank you cards, so we decided to try post-Christmas Christmas portraits. Also, the girls received darling non-holiday matching dresses as a Christmas gift from Mary, so we wanted pictures in those as well. The morning light was beautiful, the temperature was heaven, the wind was light, so off we went!

It started all right. Ellie was feeling lovely in her silk gown.

Baby Stephanie got her Vogue on.

Actually, the ear rub is a sign she's very tired (remember she got an unexpected wake up call this morning). Though she tries to humor me, she's not particularly up to a photo shoot...

Okay, time to speed things up! A quick wardrobe change and a new round of photos:

Or maybe not.
Thank goodness for digital cameras! I managed to snap 40 pictures in less than 3 minutes, and I think we actually have a useable one in the bunch. I won't post it here. It's a special thank you that some special people will be receiving in the mail, hopefully in the next couple of weeks (hey, I need mailing time from Australia, okay?).


meghan said...

I love Ms. Ellie but she does have quite the devilish look on her face and the curls do take a reminiscent shape of horns ;-) Not to mention Stephanie's tired face is so telling!

Stay strong mamma! You're doing a great job! Additionally, you take fabulous photos!

My cousin told me (she just had her third little kiddo) that whenever she feels particularly pooped from kiddo care she remembers my Aunt told her to try and remember to appreciate the time she has with little ones, good and bad, it really feels like the blink of an eye before they've grown up and moved out. It hits home that much more when I think about the fact my Aunt, who recently passed away at a relatively young age from Alzheimer’s, and raised three children despite an unfaithful husband... Her situation doesn’t make the stress and frustration go away for you and definitely doesn’t increase the number of hours you sleep but none-the-less, sometimes it helps to put it into perspective of someone with experience.

Mind you, I’m not the one with experience and the more I read and hear from friends, the more I worry I won’t be able to handle it myself!! ;-)

Christine said...

Oh they look so sweet together! Amelia and Ellie are so similar in their little tricks... Amelia climbs in Matty's cot too when she gets the chance. She also likes waking us all up - the day after we flew back there was a little voice at 5am saying "Mummy - it's day time in England". I was torn between being proud of her for understanding what I'd said about time zones and cross at being woken up again after being up 1/2 the night with Matty teething...

the dipe squad said...

Meghan, there is no way to prepare yourself for this roller coaster. There are a lot of dips, twists and turns...sometimes it's downright scary but it is a wonderful ride! As for the sleep, you can pretty much kiss that goodbye. ;)

Chris, it's so funny to keep hearing that Amelia is doing the same (maddening) things. It must be the age! Wish we could still get them together for a play! I hope the readjustment from jetlag is sorting itself out and Matty's teething will give him a rest soon. Stephanie has had only 2 teeth for 3 months, but I can see she's about to get a mouthful. I have a feeling that will keep us up nights too until they make it through. :)

Christine said...

I wish we could get them together again too - Amelia found a photo of them together in The Hague and said "that my friend" - it was so sweet!
Matty has only just got his first tooth - on the flight home... so you can imagine how restful that was!