Thursday, January 01, 2009

Jumping into 2009!

It's just past lunchtime on January 1st here in Australia, but I thought I'd write a quick post wishing all our friends and family who have yet to hit midnight a very Happy New Year! However you choose to celebrate, embrace the possibilities a new year holds and welcome its joys and challenges! We can say this without being trite because we welcome this new day and new year though the girls took turns waking up six times between midnight and 1:30am, and then Markus was called into work at 4am (where he remains currently). The sun is shining, our needs are met and then some, and everyone is healthy. Joys and challenges. It's what life is all about, and we look forward to another trip around the sun.

For those of you who know this picture was added in a few days past the 1st, know I had intended to post on the day a hilarious action shot of Markus and Ellie jumping in holding hands, but Markus was shy about his girlish figure and made me suppress pool photos until he put on his UV shirt.


Anonymous said...

And the same to you all, beautiful amazing and precious Klingbeil family!



gail said...

So does this mean that catcalls and whistles are now appropriate?

the dipe squad said...

You know it! ;)