Thursday, January 08, 2009


It's 12:57am here Down Under, and I am awake.
Not up with the baby.
Not up with the child.
Just up.
After midnight.
For those of you without kids who are shrugging your shoulders thinking, "So?", the answer is my kiddos will still be up at 6am (or close to it), regardless of when I go to bed. My bedtime was hours ago, and I WANT TO GO TO SLEEP. But I can't. Every time I lay down and close my eyes tonight, little alarm bells go off about a million stressful topics I can't really affect right now...but that doesn't make the thoughts go away. Don't you hate insomnia?
Usually when this happens, I get manic-productive and clean something within an inch of its life. The space that most needs attacking is this computer room, my dumping ground. I try to be a decent housekeeper and reduce my clutter for the sake of my marriage (my hubby tries to overlook it and focus on my good points, but lord how my clutter drives him CRAZY)...but he rarely comes back here to this room, so it becomes the dumping ground. When I clean other rooms and move stuff that needs moving, it gets dumped in here. Very effective long as you don't need to find it again. I really need to organize this place!
But alas, we have visitors in the room next door who are sleeping peacefully (boy, am I jealous!). I have to tame my impulses for their sakes, so you are stuck with my insomnia-induced internet confessional about clutter. If that doesn't put you to sleep, I don't know what will. I'll be back to the regular programming sometime after I get some sleep and find the computer cable for my camera. I've got some adorable videos for ya! I just can't find that darn cable.
I really must clean up in here...

p.s. I was up until 3am. I cleaned and no cable. Someone is just messing with my mind.


Karly said...

Oh, poor Jen...I hope you finally got some sleep. Insomnia is awful...I hope that it passes quickly for you. Big hugs, and lots of sleepy vibes (for nighttime when it's time for bed) headed your way...

the dipe squad said...

I got about 3 hours. Sigh. Such is life! At least we got up and got going that morning. The fresh air on the beach was energizing. The water was full of swimmers. So many people here start their days every day with a swim in the Indian Ocean. That must feel incredible! Maybe I'll get there...