Friday, December 05, 2008

Day 4: Make Advent Calendar.

Honesty time. I've been making these activities up as we go along, and yesterday I just plain forgot to create something. Oh my, what is the world coming to? Well, obviously we can't have that! So I finally finished the advent calendar (origami cups) and put a different activity in each spot. Since we have an eager explorer with a bloodhound's instinct for treats, I will put a little treat in each cup just before we check that day's activity (planning on using mini-M&Ms). From here on out, activities are set! Away we go!


gail said...

What a cute idea!

Anonymous said...

This is totally precious, the cups are precious, the numbers are precious the entire thing is awesome! Forget being the Mimi, I want to be a kid at YOUR house! How fun!!!!!

azure said...

Jennifer if you don't write some sort of book already... These activites are fantastic. Mimi you're so funny.