Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Day 2: Take photos of each other.

This is a bit of a cheater post, since these photos were taken over the past week when Markus holidayed with us at home to burn off some of his backlogged vacation time. If I were to post about today's real advent calendar activity, it would be "make activity advent calendar" since I'm running behind this holiday season...but I don't want to admit that so we're going with a cheater post, yes? By the way, the advent calendar activity suggestions and the Christmas card exchange came from Amber at kids craft weekly. If you are a mom of littles or an elementary school teacher like our newfound babysitter, you're bound to enjoy her weekly newsletters. Our little CEO approves!

Thanks also to gail for teaching me about Picnik, the site where I built the photo collage above. I have pretty much followed gail's lead with anything technology-wise (including starting this blog), and I appreciate her willingness to be my teacher.


gail said...

Jennifer! I must have sensed my name being said in praise :-) The pictures are beautiful.

I've had to catch up on several of your recent posts, and I am sorry to not have been able to respond more immediately to your post about your dad. Grief is a strange beast in that it will sneak up on you at the most unexpected times. I am giving you big hugs from afar, and on behalf of all of your blog readership may I say that I am touched that you felt comfortable sharing with us.

the dipe squad said...

Thank you so much, gail!