Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 24: Read "The Night Before Christmas"

Over the years, we've collected several versions of this story, including the Cajun, Redneck, and now Aussie tales. For Christmas Eve, we read the classic. I hope in the future we'll spend the greater part of December reading through "A Christmas Carol" as a family, but right now that's a bit much for our girls. "The Night Before Christmas" is just our speed, and it's always a joy.


azure said...

Ohh, is there an "Aussie" version of the night before Christmas? Is it in book form? If so let me know, that might be something to get the nieces. Actually I still need to get them the Cajun night Before Christmas. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I know I did. Luckily the weather in Chicago was very cooperative (i.e. NOT freezing cold)
Take care,

the dipe squad said...

Hi Azure! Yes, there is an Aussie version, but I'll have to snag it next year. I bought two Aussie Christmas books, but neither is that one. There's an Aussie "Jingle Bells" too (did buy that one!) to introduce you to the local lingo and Christmas in the summertime.