Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tulips and Snow

When we first heard the weather forecast for Mimi's visit, we were disappointed: a mix of rain, sleet, hail, wind, snow, and maybe some sun for the next five days. Alas. Indeed, when she first arrived, a messy mix is exactly what we got. Mimi didn't mind, but we were hoping for better venturing weather so we could get out and about more. And then Mimi's wintry wishes came true: it started snowing. Yes, we still got wintry mix and no, it didn't stick much, but we did have snow every day. Beautiful, soft white, drifting, floating snow. Cold-weather-lovin' Mimi couldn't have been happier!

Despite our weariness of the other elements in the wintry mix, we defied dark clouds on Monday and headed to Keukenhof to see the early bloomers. The bulb season has just started, but we were hoping to show Mimi some famous Holland tulip fields in bloom...or at least some cultivated tulips gardens in bloom. Unfortunately, it's still a few weeks too early for most of the tulips, but we had a great time anyway. Keukenhof has gorgeous grounds that were starting to bud, and they maintain an incredible indoor display of greenhouse bulbs in bloom. Best of all was that beautiful, drifting white snow that started shortly after we arrived. I don't think Mimi would have minded walking in that snow even if there were no flowers to see at all.

Apparently, it was also the Dutch Red Hat Society Day at Keukenhof. Whether or not this was official, I cannot say, but there were LOTS of ladies in purple and red that day.

Alas, Mimi headed home today. We girls piled into the car to drive her to the airport, and off she went! We wish we could see her more often, but we are thankful for the great week we had! If only it could have lasted longer... Jennifer is not very good at letting others help her. Even when completely over-tasked and has obviously helpful people on hand, she still tries to do it all. Take for example last night when she was making dinner and dessert when the baby needed to nurse. Mimi eventually convinced Jennifer she could finish the cupcakes, but even then Jennifer was scrambling to finish on her own, as if Mimi weren't extremely overqualified to scoop batter into muffin cups. Surely Jennifer would have allowed Mimi to take over more as time went on. In another week or so, she might have given up cooking and cleaning to Mimi entirely. On the other hand, maybe Mimi is glad she left before that happened. The house has four floors, after all.
We will certainly miss her! Ellie loved having a Mimi playmate for the past days, and baby Stephanie was happy for the extra loving arms and warm lap.


Anonymous said...

Mimi is more than ready to take over the cooking and the cleaning and would happily PAY for the opportunity to do so! Although I do think the cooking should be left to Jennifer, what an AMAZING cook! Yummy! MUST HAVE those recipes!



azure said...

Trust me, once Baby Stephanie gets bigger, you'll start tasking out assignments to other people. I'm sure I'll be getting some random task when I arrive in the Chi tomorrow for Mar-Bear's birthday. No seriously, she's two? Really? Wow, where has the time gone? Mom tells me that little sister has changed a lot and it's only been two weeks since we last saw her! Should be fun.

Mimi, there's just never enough time. Well I'm glad that you got to go back and meet Baby Stephanie. I'm glad you all what sounds like a wonderful visit. :)

Take care.

Meghan said...

Cute pictures and good times with Mimi! The family looks wonderfully healthy and happy. Jennifer and Markus, you are so lucky with two incredible girls (as I'm sure you already know) :-) Just look at little Stephanie on Mimi's lap! Take care and keep the blogs coming - I'm becoming an addict!

Karly said...

Love the pictures and it sounds like Mimi had a wonderful time with all of her girls! I love the pictures of Mimi with Ellie and with Stephanie across her lap, and the one of your family and of Ellie looking so excited...I love them all...thanks for sharing!

Lee said...

Glad Stephanie got to see snow, tulips, two wonderful granddaughters and Jennifer & Markus as well. Good to hear the trip was fun and delightful.