Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sleeping babies

This morning we drove again to the Burgers Zoo near Arnhem for some indoor fun and animal-observing. The zoo is beautifully designed, but there is a bit of a trek in the car to get there and back. Ellie ran an almost constant monologue during the drive. When it stopped, we took a look in the back seat and this is what we saw:

As I was uploading those pics, my little companion fell asleep again in my lap.

Stephanie is four and a half weeks old now. Where did that time go? In the past few days, she's suddenly become interested in the world. It just happened, like flipping on a switch. Newborns seem to wake up only for a reason: food, diaper, gas, whatever. When the need is met, they usually drop off again. Now, baby Stephanie wants to see what's going on when she's awake. She gets bored. She sits up tall to take a look around, and she keeps her head up on her own as often as she can (which is quite a lot for a wee one). Ellie was the same way. She just wants to know everything. Not too much to ask, right?

On a personal note, I have to brag about me while I'm bragging about the girls in this family. Yesterday, a girlfriend asked if I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans yet, and I told her truthfully that I really didn't want to know and I hadn't tried. Of course, saying I didn't want to know made me actually want to know, so...TAH-DAH!

I may have a deeper understanding of what it feels like to be a sausage, but I am indeed back in the jeans and am wearing them today. Hooray for me!


meghan said...

That is one sexy boo-tay in those jeans! Geez why can't I be like you? I can't even fit into my pre-dessert jeans right now. By-the-way, did you ever get that second package I sent you pre-Stephanie? I sent both on the same day so if you didn't I'm perplexed. Mail and I just don't seem to get along...

Well, I'm off to bed, just wanted a quick check-in before the zzz's. :-)

Karly said...

Your sleeping girls are so beautiful! It is amazing how fast the time flies with our little ones, isn't it?

And, you look amazing in your jeans! I know it feels good to be wearing them again :)

Anonymous said...

Three beautiful girls! Only you could rock those jeans so quickly and so perfectly! We bow down in the presence of greatness!