Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Crazy weather

It's now the middle of March. All the bulbs are blooming. The flowering trees are flowering. And it's snowing.
This weather is insane.


Karly said...

Sounds like you've got us beat for crazy weather...

Hope you enjoy the upcoming visit with Mimi! Can't wait to see some pictures and hear all about it :)

Chris, Amelia + Matty said...

Ooh I quite miss the beautiful flowers on the Lange Voorhout - and the snow!
It's been a bit crazy here too - 12 inches of rain in 12 hours in Dallas - luckily wasn't so heavy here but lots of storms (or as Amelia says big rain)

Glad to hear all's going well with your enlarged family - it's tough with two tho isn't it...
Amelia's been having a bad case of the terrible twos and Matty's a little milky monster, but we're surviving!
love to all and a hug to Ellie from Amelia xx