Friday, January 25, 2013

Immunization day

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Our sweet Stephanie received a long-dreaded immunization today from our wonderful doctor.  When we experienced our pediatric debacle this summer, the immunization process there was so traumatizing that she has been living in fear of this one remaining immunization (I wouldn't let them continue after the two she received there; they were so harsh and scary).  Lately, she has brought it up a lot, so I figured we better get it out of the way.  I talked a lot to her about the gentleness and kindness of our new doctor, Dr. Ke.  I told her that the immunization itself would probably hurt a bit, but Dr. Ke wouldn't hurt her, that I trusted Dr. Ke and she could too.

Dr. Ke was as wonderful as I had expected.  She even drew a smiley face on the band-aid she put on Stephanie's arm.

Stephanie still cried from the stress of it.  And cried and cried after we were back in the car.  Poor mite.
I was so touched and proud to observe that while she was so very worried about it, she kept all her tears bundled inside her until we left the doctor's office.  She always tries so hard to be brave.

We went to the local bookshop and chose a new book as a treat and indulged in a chocolate chip cookie.

By the time we went to school an hour later, the stress of it was gone.  She was so proud, relieved it was over and so very proud she had been brave.  By the time I picked her up from school two and a half hours after that, she had found her groove.  She was asking me to tell everyone about her immunization, and she couldn't wait to show off her band-aid with the smiley face.  She even told Ellie that she is ready to get another immunization from Dr. Ke anytime because Dr. Ke is so nice and gentle.  Ellie was incredulous, but I had to smile.

Oh, this girl.

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