Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to Papa!

Happy Birthday, Papa!

Papa is 43 today!  I remember his 20s!  Where did the time go?

Since his birthday is on a busy Monday, we celebrated in our family tradition on Sunday, starting the day with cake (in his case, Geburtstagbrezel) and presents.
Papa is a tough guy to buy for because he really doesn't want stuff.  Papa likes experiences, so Mama planned a unique one!  I organized a sitter for the afternoon, so we could have a "Date Night" at a local glassblowing studio.  We each made a paperweight, an ornament and a drinking glass.

adding colour

shaping the glass

heating glass in "the glory hole"

big tough arms

"the glory hole"

shaping the glass

Each project built up skills needed for the next one.  It turns out blowing glass was hard work!

working hard to blow that glass

blowing and shaping

It was also great fun, and after the glass has time to cool properly, I can go pick up our projects.  They were still so hot when we left that we couldn't see the colours.  We can't wait to see how they came out!

Happy Birthday, Markus!

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