Friday, January 04, 2013

A new year begins

Well, I think I can safely say this year's holidays were a bit of a wash.  Markus and Stephanie woke up sick on Christmas; Ellie and I were sick for New Year's.  We got some kind of awful cold/flu that was bitterly awful and draining for around 3 days, and a lingering lethargy and wracking cough for a week plus.  Ew.  It certainly ruined our plans for a relaxing, fun holiday.  As Markus pointed out this morning, it seems the year hits fast forward and leaps into high gear as December draws to a close...and for what this year?  We couldn't really enjoy the holidays at all.  No extra celebrating.  No reflecting on the year passed.  No resolutions for moving forward.  Sigh.

So here we are: January 2013.  A new year has begun, whether we were ready and waiting for it or not.  It's time to embrace it.

2012 was a year of big, stressful changes.  Any year involving an international move is hard, very hard.    Markus and I have been stretched thin by it.  So many huge changes, and many of them not particularly welcome...  Luckily, the girls are doing quite well.  Their schools, especially Ellie's, have been a tremendous blessing.  Ellie's school is exceptionally good for her.  She is very happy there, and we feel she is as well-matched to her environment as can be.  Stephanie also enjoys her school, though it's not so much a great match as it offers hours she loves (only 2.5 hours each weekday afternoon).

What will 2013 bring?  In truth, I cannot guess.  As much as I feel ready most days to pick up and move right on out of here again, the reality is that we will be spending 2013 settling in and staying right here.  School will continue through to June, hopefully offering up a fun spring break at the end of March.  I will ride in Muses again on February 7, and we hope the whole family will be able to go to New Orleans for that this time.  For now, getting 100% well again and preparing to restart school on Monday.

2013, here we come!

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