Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Off the needles

I've finished Stephanie's vest, again. I knit Stephanie a Neighborly vest using some gorgeous, soft wool. When it came off the needles, I was so proud and the compliments rolled in...until I tried it on her. Too short! Sigh. I was so ready to do my next project that I decided to get over it. I proceeded to knit Ellie's Neighborly, and (you guessed it) TOO SHORT. It was time to whine to my knitting peeps. Marianne, the lady who taught me to knit, looked me squarely in the eye and asked how short they were.
Just a couple of inches, I said. Both of them. Must be the pattern.
She kept looking me in the eye.
How tall are you, she asked? How long is your torso?
Ah-ha moment! (that's what she was waiting for). My girls have long torsos too! I will always need to add a couple of inches to their handmade garments. Good thing to learn, actually. And thankfully, it's easy to fix with a knitted garment. I had to rip back and add several more rows. Here's the result:

I haven't managed to wriggle her into it yet (as you know, she prefers to be sans clothing), but I'm pretty sure it will be long enough now. Ellie's is still on the needles, but I hope to finish this weekend. Here's what it looks like, blocked but too-short:


Lavender Hearts said...

What gorgeous vests. Your girls have such a talented Mummy! x

Karly said...

I love them! They are so beautiful! Please keep showing off your work, I love to see it!