Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Now with password protection

Hi there! Still out waffling about this blog situation, but I have to listen to reason when so many of you suggest password protection. The older the girls get, the more I wonder about how much I should share of their lives in a public forum. On the other hand, I have personally derived so much benefit from access to some truly wonderful blogs out there, and I feel it's only fair to be public in some way myself. I may run two blogs (one public and one private); as I said, I'm still waffling. In the meantime, I just made my first private blog post on a site with password protection. You'll have to drop me a line to gain access. I ask in advance that you please do not "keep me logged in" on a public computer or share the password without first asking me; doing so would defeat the purpose, even if you are sure I would approve. I would like to know who is viewing the private site. That being said, I hope you enjoy! This blog I've had all along will definitely stay live until I post otherwise.

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Anonymous said...

I feel better! Great idea.