Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spring has arrived!

This is the first place I've ever lived during the "winter" where there is no real central heat. Technically, this was also true in Qatar, but we left while it was still over 100 degrees outside, so I didn't really notice. I've noticed here! Our house gets COLD! While I enjoy cool temperatures, I do not enjoy being cold. Especially in the house. Markus had verbally prepped me for this possibility while telling stories of Cape Town (many aspects of daily life are quite similar here), but it's still been a big adjustment. This house has two outlets for natural gas heaters, which we have purchased and used faithfully. What a difference they make! But they only heat the rooms with the outlets (kitchen and living room), so we've been hiding in those rooms during the evenings/mornings. We also bought a fancy oil-filled electric heater for the girls' room (part of the reason they are roommates), but it doesn't work as well as it could unless the door is shut and Ellie HATES it when the door is shut. What I'm telling you here is that it's often quite cold in the house, and unless you are my mom, this probably does not sound like Heaven to you.

On the upside, it's often warmer outside than it is in. The weather is just lovely! Today we're having our first real downpours, but on the whole, the weather couldn't be prettier. Blue skies that go on forever! Sparse white clouds. Breezes that turn to winds, but not cold winds (until the sun goes down). And now the plants are getting with the program, and new leaves and flowers are bursting out every day! Yesterday afternoon, a photo stroll of our backyard found the new pear trees in full bloom.

The wisteria along the pool fence is looking beautiful.

Apparently, the aesthetics have attracted some early-season swimmers.

Markus is enjoying getting to work on his shiny, schnazzy red scooter, though we did have to buy some motorcycle gloves this week to help keep his hands from numbing in the mornings. He's not the only one appreciating the Vespa thrill.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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