Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wise buy

The last time we were stateside, we purchased this glitzy glamorous double stroller in anticipation of Stephanie's arrival. European streets, shops and transportation make compact styling a requirement, so we splurged on this model because it was really the only one that fit the bill.

Of course, Ellie won't ride in it. She doesn't like it.
And baby Stephanie prefers to be held.
So...that was good money wasted, yes? No!
We do have two other small critters in the house who like it very much!

After all, there are two of them and it is a double stroller. Always good to know the cats appreciate expensive gear.

Here's a shot from this morning of the two meant to go in there. Ellie has some wild hair these days! (notice that sweet big sister arm around her baby)


Anonymous said...

Those kitties! Stylin' big time!!!!! It is crazy but true, the best things in life are free, aka, a Mama's arms, a Papa's shoulders, for transportation. Hopefully some Dutch couple with kiddos will want what the kitties want, a home sweet home for their babes of comfort and joy, comfort and joy, oh tidings of comfort and joy!

Anonymous said...

Precious picture of two babes in arms, and oh what a babe who's got them!!!!