Friday, April 18, 2008


Sorry about the lack of posting, but we are diseased. Ever since Ellie started school, she has had one cold after another, and the lessons in sharing seem to be taking hold. Ellie has shared this latest cold with us all, so the blog will be post-lite in the interim.

Unfortunately, this mess has coincided with Mary's visit! Mary is here visiting from Ocean Springs, and Ellie is so happy to see her! The weather has been lovely and sunny, so (aside from us having colds) Mary is getting the best of a Holland spring. Today, we went to Keukenhof to see the tulips. Keukenhof is one of the most photographed places in the world, and Mary really believes it! She kept her camera busy until the battery ran down. That's when I started with mine. Photographing tulips is like catching beads at Mardi Gras; I know I already have more than I could ever need or want, but I just gotta have more when I'm there!


Karly said...

Sorry to hear about the cold, but so glad that you have a visitor and that you got a chance to see and take pictures of the tulips! Love the pictures, Ellie and Stephanie are so precious. Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Sending love from Mississippi :)

OLED said...

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