Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I amsterdam

This morning, we trekked to Amsterdam for baby Stephanie's appointment at the consulate to register for citizenship and obtain a passport. Not knowing how long we'd be there, we packed Ellie's lunch and extra kiddo supplies. Lucky us! It turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny spring day! The consulate didn't keep us long at all, so we ate lunch in the sunshine and had a play on the Museumplein between the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. Ellie made particular use of a large sculpture...

look closely for a little pink-clad person (Rijksmuseum in background)

posing mid-hug in front of the Van Gogh Museum

As an update, Ellie's cold has passed, so no more wailing from her. Hooray!
(Now the wailing is all Jennifer's. Lack of sleep--currently four nights' debt--has never been her forte.)


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Glad Ellie's cold is going away! You are still wearing jackets! C'mon warm weather! Let the Klingbeil family feel the sunshine of your love!



Karly said...

So glad that Ellie's cold is on its way out! Now, let's get mama some sleep and some warm weather...maybe I can send some of our warm weather your way...

Thanks for sharing all of the pics and putting up the link to more! Sending love and hugs to all of you :)

the dipe squad said...

Ellie's cold is out, but Mama caught it. This is my first cold this year. I'm telling myself it's a good thing because Stephanie gets the antibodies, but it does make life extra challenging! I've twisted my ankle twice in the past few days just walking down the street; lack of sleep seems to be a big contributor to my clumsiness.
Warm weather would be appreciated (since we've been in fall or winter weather here since last June), but we try not to complain about the temperature when the sun comes out! That's a bit of a rarity too, and we don't want to make it go away! Warm is coming, though. We know it.