Friday, November 09, 2007

Thoughts of winter

Today, the temperature is the coldest it has been thus far (around 7 Celsius) with a strong wind (according to, it "feels like 38 Fahrenheit"). The kicker has been the alternating bright sunshine and heavy downpours of hail. This has been going on for hours, and it's the craziest thing. Literally from one minute to the next, the sky goes from beautiful clear blue to near black and hailing...and back again. When it does come down, the hail comes down so hard that at times half an inch builds up from a single shower in our garden. Then it melts in the sun, and the process is repeated. At least the hail is tiny.
All this cold weather has me thinking wintry thoughts, and I've started addressing our Christmas cards. Those of you who know me well know I am a big believer in cards and non-bill or junk mail by post. I love birthdays. I try to get anniversaries when I know them. And I am a big sender of Christmas cards. However, that's not always easy in these days of email and internet, where most correspondence is done electronically and I lack postal addresses on a number of people. This is your notice! If receiving Christmas cards (and birthday cards and whatnot) gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, be sure I have your address! Unless you're sure I already have it, just send your address to my email (which I'm not going to post here for my own privacy; if this message is meant for you, you should have my email already). Before too long, we'll be sure to send some holiday cheer (and a new family photo!) your way.

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