Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Head Scratching

First thing Monday morning, we met with our contractor. We did a walk through, and without really nit-picking, we still came up with four hand-written, letter-size pages of items that needed to be finished. He walked through with us and agreed to all items. It was a very polite and relaxed exchange. Then we sat down to talk, and we told him point-blank that we had no confidence that he would finish the job. Given all the delays, he is owed no further money at this point, and there will be no more coming from us. If he wants to try to finish, he has until Friday morning, at which point we will hire a new contractor. If he wants to walk now, the end result is still the same, since we will pay him nothing more whether he does more work or not. I've never seen him so quiet and pale. He clearly wasn't angry; he was stunned. After months of abusing his position with us, he just didn't see this coming. We weren't angry or rude, but we were united and firm...and he knows he doesn't have a leg to stand on. In his shock, he even signed an agreement I wrote up on the spot setting our terms in writing. Now here's where the head scratching begins: he still wants to keep working. He doesn't think he can finish by Friday morning, but he does think he can finish by Monday. He wants us to meet with him Friday to evaluate his progress and consider allowing him to finish completely, even though he acknowledged he wouldn't be paid either way. This is most puzzling. The best we can come up with is he wants to somehow preserve his reputation and avoid being reported to the state as an unscrupulous contractor (thereby risking loss of his license and insurance). Honestly, we want him to walk so we can get another, more reliable crew in there ASAP, but we'll give him the week. Our back-up, highly recommended contractor (who was not available for over a year after Katrina because he was too in-demand) can't start until next week anyway. Still, it is all very strange. He is working. He even has a crew over there, doing detailed paint touch-ups and who knows what else. There's no sabotage. He really seems to be trying. I don't get it, but there it is. We'll keep you posted.


azure said...

I'll tell you what it is... more than being reported the state as being an unscrupulous contractor, he's probably afraid that you're going to call ACTION REPORTER, AJ GIARDINA,and he just doesn't want his mug flashed everywhere. See if you just report him to the state, there's still a great number of people who still don't check to make sure that their contractor is licensed and bonded (Now that's puzzling to me.) But if AJ shows up with a camera crew in tow, then he's throughly busted.

Well one way or another I sincerely hope that your house gets finished this go around.

If you're looking for a silver lining, at least you were able to get a hold of the contractor and talk to him face to face. Again, I've heard the tragic tale too many times here RECENTLY of contractors showing up one day, and then they're out.

Hope to see ya'll and a finished house ;-) soon.

Anonymous said...

yes, the sunst is gorgeous. yes, the nice weather and the playground are great.

NO NO NO the heartache the anguish the EXPENSE the frustration the physical wear and tear on your bodies--including little Ellie's--the lack of integrity the loss of faith the multiple cross continental flights
NO one thousand times NO it will NEVER be worht it

the dipe squad said...

Well, let's not be melodramatic (that's my job). The end is in sight, and that's all we can ask for at this point. No use looking back if we can help it. Besides, it is a really pretty house now. And I have a tan mark around my watch for the first time this year.