Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Welcome to our 'hood!

On this picture tour, you just drove up our street (Al Andalus) from the main drag of our 'hood, Al Mirqab. Up the street, through the CNN reminders, past the butcher, baker, and (no, not candlestick maker) laundry to the entrance of our compound (notice the Pepsi machine landmark!) and up to our house. Comments welcome!


Meghan Kelly said...

I like the ASIF Grocery... "like yeah, As If that were really a grocery store..." ;)

Sorry the 'hood' is not as cool as it could be but if I know you guys (and I think I do) you'll make the best of it!

mimi said...

Wow, the hood does look somewhat like a hood...on the way to paradise! Once you get to your house it is BEAUTIFUL!! Greenery and color, oh how lovely! I guess the trouble is the neighbor"hood"! But I know you will make that house a real home, full of art and laughter and love. And your club looks great, so I guess things could be worse. I realize they could be much better, I am just trying to look for the positive. The worst part is that Markus is unhappy at his job. Hey, I need a butler, a handyman and stay at home Father for Elton. He is hired withour resume and one of the perks is he can bring his family and live for free. So can his beautiful wife and baby. Think about it...Unlimited vacation and sick days, bonuses on request never denied. Only requirement is that he take his wife out at least once a week for a date, and leave the baby with me. I am an equal opportunity employer, Jennifer you can have all these opportunities as well. Position open immediately and indefinitely. As the Grandpa said in the movie Moonstruck...
"Why do you make me wait?"