Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ellie is an Aqua Baby!
This morning, Ellie and I went to her first "water familiarization class" (AKA "Aqua Babes"). It was at the pool of the really nice Al Fardan compound. There were six other babies and moms there, and what fun! The lady who led the class (Daniela) taught us some songs with motions that had us dancing, kicking and splashing in the pool. At first, Ellie wasn't too sure this was a good idea. She looked very worried and clung to me like a little monkey. My initial attempts to extricate her fingers from my neck were met with tears; however, she quickly began to relax and marvel at so many other babies in the pool. In the end, she did wonderfully! She was floating along on her tummy (Mommy supported, of course), kicking her legs and reaching for toys with her arms. We're so happy to have discovered this group!
Of course, all that swimming does leave a girl exhausted...

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