Saturday, March 18, 2006

More pictures!

Ellie watches us constantly, and she tries to mimick much of what we do. This is especially true when it comes to drinking. Ellie has no interest in the sippy cup. She watches us drink from regular glasses or water bottles, and that's what she wants too (picture of her drinking from a glass coming soon)!

Today, we visited more souqs. This time, we went to the "old souqs", which have pretty much whatever you can think of (although much of it is cheap crap). Walking past the spice stalls filled our noses with amazing scents and our eyes with wonder (as in, "I wonder what THAT is?!"). The best part was seeing falcons for sale. March is the last month of falcon season (hunting with falcons is extremely popular here). Top birds are sold privately, but some falcons are available in the souqs, and we saw those today. Beautiful.

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I am an Edu-Dame said...

Well, the interesting about being so evolved as a baby is that it leaves us so much room to devolve as adults. Take the cup issue as an example. I myself eschewed sippy cups and bottles for the more "grown up" glasses and mugs. Well, just last week, someone gave me what is, essentially, a sippy cup for adults. And let me tell you, this thing has changed my life! No wasting time bending the elbow to drink for me. No sir. Now I just lean over slightly...and sip. Ahhhhhh...